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The Interest in Immigration

The history of immigration goes far into the past. Even the first people traveled to search for new territories. More recently, it served as the reason for the US origination. Finally, in the life of modern man, this phenomenon got a massive nature. Thus, immigration is a phenomenon during which a particular person leaves its place of residence for permanent residence in another place. The source for personal interest in this topic lies in the number of reasons that force people to migrate. The most common grounds for migration are considered to be economic factors. People just leave in search of a better life, hoping to get a decent income, high social guarantees, and better living conditions. However, man-caused and natural disasters also represent an important reason for changing the place of residence. Most people are forced to seek political freedom in another country, to flee from the persecution of the state, or for ethnic or religious reasons. Also, crime and war play a critical role there. Thus, the study of immigration represents the key towards troublesome issues in the world, which cause the movement of people from one country to another.

Nevertheless, immigration is not only an interesting point for personal study, but also a full-fledged source of information that provides relevant data about countries and regions of the world for analysts, researchers, and economists. Thus, based on migration flows, it is possible to judge the level of a country's welfare as it is apparent that it attracts foreigners for some particular reason and unique characteristics. On the other hand, immigration presents a great interest for students and people that are looking for the realization of professional potential. When the native country is not able to provide the full range of opportunities for self-realization, the developed countries represent a goal and a task for aspiration for possible …

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