Symptoms of American Politics Disease example

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Symptoms of American Politics Disease

The essence of the current American politics and democracy is quite controversial. Comparing the current American political values to the principles, which were laid down by the Founding Fathers, provokes
questioning its soundness. However, it is not surprising that most American politicians ignore the initial principles of American democracy because slavery was abolished only after eighty years after the United States
became independent. American political system does not create adequate conditions to make all people equal. Additionally, the American society became very divided by the party rivalry between Republicans and Democrats.
Basically, this is what George Washington asked Americans to avoid. This rivalry turned into immoral and unethical battle between politicians and created unsound atmosphere in the society. Party sectarianism and income inequality, or rather government response to both issues, are the main flaws of American politics and democracy.

Party sectarianism is among the most harmful flaws of American politics, which make it unsound. It becomes especially evident during election campaigns and primaries. Political struggle during the elections is very harsh in the United States. Candidates do not avoid any means to reach the victory, including personal insults of their rivals. Without a doubt, such unsound competition promotes the similar wicked atmosphere in the society because party affiliation begins to play larger role in human relations. According Dye and Gaddie, there are twice more conservatives in the United States, than liberals. Conservatives even outnumber those Americans who consider themselves Moderate. Intolerant attitude of conservative politicians towards minority groups negatively affects the public opinion about government and American politics as a whole. Rauch considers that “ideological polarization, the rise of social media, and the radicalization of the Republican base” eventually resulted in demonization of American politics that is the same as “attacking your own immune system”. If citizens begin to demonize the government they elected, it questions the entire system of American government and elections. Finally, the radicalization of the GOP caused party sectarianism that is very similar to the division of American society before the Civil War. The division of Americans into liberals and conservatives is very strong and
reminds about the division into South and North, which led to the Union’s dissolution. Party sectarianism provokes sick atmosphere in both American politics and society and requires an immediate cure.

The failure of meritocracy system of values is another main drawback of American democracy. Probably, there was nothing controversial, when president Hoover declared the doctrine of rugged individualism. However,
nowadays, the government that opposes any social security for the population is rather a do-nothing establishment. Economic stratification in the United States is too high to ignore it. Nevertheless, the Republican
Party tends to “limit social welfare programs to the truly needy and rejects schemes to equalize income or wealth” (Dye and Gaddie). The root of this issue was laid down during the 1920’s policy of rugged individualism
that was outlined by President Hoover (Lieven …

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