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On Boarding Process Essay

Onboarding process or organizational socialization is a step-by-step procedure which allows new employees acquire competencies that are needed to become fully efficient team members.

The term itself is rather broad, however, you could not underestimate its importance nowadays. Onboarding procedure will help you to avoid losing potentially powerful workers, give you an opportunity to evaluate their abilities, increase the productivity and dramatically reduce the stress level for your employees.

Onboarding Process

At this point, it is necessary to describe the main steps of this procedure.

First of all, this is accommodation process. It will include adaptation to the new environment. This includes showing the office space, introducing to coworkers, showing their workplace. Also, a good idea will be to give them a useful welcome present.

Then goes assimilation process. You can assign them to a mentor so they could ask any questions and feel that they are supported. This person should not necessarily be a manager, just a person who can interact with them when needed.

Last but not least, is acceleration process. There is no doubt that new worker wants to be productive. One should give them tasks they are capable of managing and try to reduce the level of their anxiety.

Feedbacks about the newcomer's works should be constructive and given regularly. There is nothing more important for a person who wants to contribute quickly and efficiently.

Nowadays it is not a problem to find an experienced, fully suitable person for a certain position. The challenge is to make him stay in the company. A pleasant and warm onboarding definitely could double the chances of his staying in your team as a satisfied worker.

Summing up, the onboarding process in a company should be strategic and well-planned. This will facilitate and clarify the employees` role in a new environment and substantially decrease the intent to quit. The other crucial element is responsible for that process staff – highly professional people who will make turn strangers into insiders.

Onboarding is a complex procedure. It deeply involves two sides: employee and organization. The potential mutual benefits of their cooperation are defined mostly by organizational socialization.


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