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Past and Future Traits

In many professional and critical jobs, the shift of focus is from the skills that an individual possesses prior to taking up these jobs to the traits that the individual already possesses. In the public safety sector and more specifically in the emergency services subsector, there is some newfound dependence on the psychological testing as a way testing the skills and traits a prospective team member already possesses.

Therefore, this indicates a need for the replacement of the prerequisite traits of the past, by a newer set of traits, which focus more on the psychology of the individual rather than the physical attributes. In contrast with the past, Smeby (2014), sees “teamwork, tolerance, compassion, open-mindedness, and compatibility plus intimacy to small families”, as the ultimate essential traits for all future leaders in the emergency services (pp. 182). Smeby (2014), gives detailed information regarding the various topical issues surrounding the fire and emergency services but with specific reference to the leadership practices and management from a futuristic viewpoint. He stresses the notion that fire and emergency services must focus on the future. Smeby (2014) brings out a comparison between the traits for future leaders versus those of the past using their traits.

By laying down the benchmark traits for all future leaders, it becomes clear that more human resources that are impactful in the fire and emergency sector are worth more than any technological advancements. Any leader in possession of the traits above has the ability and the motivation vital in leading by example and in building an effective team. Compassion, tolerance, and open-mindedness offer the professional the necessary resilience needed in coping with any emergency. Furthermore, an open-minded leader with superior compatibility to the team he or she leads can ably make strategic decisions.


Smeby, L. C. (2014). Fire and emergency services administration: Management and leadership practices (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning pp. …

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