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Personal Business Plan

Long Term Vision Statement

I am planning to open a Martial Arts Academy in Abu Dhabi. It is my passion. I would like to spark interest in martial arts and jiu-jitsu particularly. The target audience is the youth living in the UAE and Abu Dhabi. My long-term plan is to become a jiu-jitsu trainer and owner of my sport club. I am willing to learn more about the martial arts and develop myself to reach this goal. I am sure that this is my destiny to become a prominent trainer of jiu-jitsu in Abu Dhabi. I am also confident that my plans will benefit the country with more young people learning martial arts thereby improving health conditions and learning to defend themselves. I think I will contribute to a better of the UAE and Abu Dhabi, particularly.

External Opportunities

Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts become more popular in the UAE. The country experiences a strong trend with growing interest in the martial arts. As suggested by Mustafa (2011), the jiu-jitsu has become extremely in the UAE with new clubs opening in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As mentioned by Abu Dhabi World (2015), jiu-jitsu is considered as the national sport in the UAE. The country regularly performs extremely well on different tournaments and the sport continues to gain popularity among the youth. Some competitors mention three key benefits from jiu-jitsu – discipline, healthy lifestyle and improved English skills (Abu Dhabi World, 2015). The UAE has always been a good place for marital arts such as jiu-jitsu. As suggested by Gulfnews (2015), jiu-jitsu is part of the army training and school curriculum. Moreover, the UAE is the second country just behind Brazil in a number of jiu-jitsu followers (Gulfnews. 2015). Nevertheless, the sport in the early stage of development in the country and there is still much room to grow (Gulfnews, 2015). Therefore, there is a good potential to grow in this area as a coach of jiu-jitsu and business owner.

Personal Strengths

My key personal strengths include experience and training in the mixed martial arts (MMA) and jiu-jitsu, particularly, discipline, passion, ambition ad motivation to become successful and recognized in the UAE. I have a strong experience in jiu-jitsu, so I know the sport from inside. Basically, training and personal experience inspired my interest in jiu-jitsu. In addition, discipline is one of the key qualities to achieve success in any business. I am able to follow a strict schedule and my interest in jiu-jitsu further enhanced my discipline. I am sure this will contribute to my success. I have passion and burning desire to become famous in jiu-jitsu. I think passion and motivation are my key strengths that will help reach my goal.


My strategic plan for the next three to five years is based on the following:

Training in jiu-jitsu. This will help my horn my skills and develop professionally.

Studying at the university. This will provide me with business knowledge that will help …

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