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Philosophy of Education


Educational philosophy can be viewed from the various perspectives. It can be considered as a scholarly field of academic philosophy or as one of the ways to make the education work. In this paper we are going to discuss educational philosophy as an attitude towards the learning process. In this context, it is a certain type of educational perception and a vision of its nature. There are numerous kinds of educational philosophy, which exist in the modern world. They were formed throughout the history by the most remarkable scientists and philosophers of all time. Each point of view had eventually turned into a separate vision and theory, which has to be considered. There are almost sixteen philosophies that were formed with a flow of time, but we are going to discuss only the most relevant and those, which can be applied to the conditions of the modern world, like: realism, pragmatism, progressivism and essentialism.


Education is one of the central aspects of the development of humanity. It is an essential foundation that forms a basis for a personal and social existence of the single individual and the entire nation. Just like every other sphere of human activity, education has different ways of realization.

Philosophy is a specific form of cognition that produces a system of knowledge about the general characteristics and principles of reality, as well as its correlation with humanity and the world. Therefore, educational philosophy can be referred as a complex of concepts and rules that create education as a notion and comply with its nature and main tasks. Also, it is an attitude towards the process of education itself.Educational philosophy is usually considered from the perspective of educational theory and general philosophy. It also became a separate scientific discipline since the beginning of the twentieth century and was popularized by the works of American philosopher John Dewey. However, the very notion of educational philosophy exists since the times of the first scientists, who formed their own ways of educational understanding. (Noddings, 1995)The names of Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Kant and others are strongly linked with the vision of the teaching and learning. Every period was marked by the works and statements of different specialists, which provided the development of this concept throughout the history. Today, the matter of education became very relevant as the world has changed and the entire phenomenon came to the point of a need in a total reconsideration.Modern society is currently experiencing changes in every sphere of existence.

The main reason for that is fast technological improvement and actual achievements in a hi-tech field. The invention of the internet and massive integration of personal computers in everyday life of every person transforms the ways of human activity in its core.Education is a process of receiving and assimilating the information or knowledge. Only few decades ago, humanity was getting knowledge primarily from the people with bigger experience and wisdom. It …

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