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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are the two main aspects of our everyday life. Since days we are born till our last breath on Earth we gain knowledge and we share knowledge, sometimes even unintentionally, but that is what kept human race evolving and striving for better things in life and achieving them. Strong beliefs and purpose and the values of the nurse in the educator role are the important parts of the medical progress that I would like to reflect upon.

I would like to discuss what is the concept of teaching and learning . S how I can see myself in a role of an educator, how I plan on continue growing in this field and what believes and values are the main forces to encourage my self growth on this journey.

The Concept of teaching

The conception of teaching is generally related to a specific set of beliefs, values, attitudes and intentions towards teaching. As many teachers there are as many concepts of teaching can be found. Beliefs of very human individual are unique in many ways, so the concept of teaching may be perceived as strictly individual. The teaching idea is also correlated with the conception of learning. Every teachers aspect of tutoring may be perceived in a very unique way by every single student. Taking into an account that the medical field and especially the nursing field is a very responsible area of teaching, it is very important to outline what are the main goals an educator is trying to achieve and what are the beliefs and values that are being delivered to the students. According to Kember(1997) studies summarized major teachers conceptions of teaching and developed three contrasting conceptions: the teacher -centered conception and the student-centered conception and the third one meeting somewhere in between of the both. The teacher-centered theory basically perceives the teacher as the information giver, teaching is viewed as a process of laying out the information, students are counted as passive receivers of the knowledge. The student-centered theory is emphasizing the role of the each and individual student in the process. The teachers aim is to capture the attention of the listeners and make sure that the knowledge that is being passed is received and understood with the ability to recreate the information . Students hold responsibility for their learning and teachers try to find the ways to make the information easy to process. The third concept is in between the previous two. The teaching learning interaction is seen as a cooperative work process on both sides. Students are considered as the participants of the process but within the teachers framework , the teacher is seen as part of the process. As a nursing educator it is very important to be able to build an individual concept of teaching which would suit the targeted auditory of learners. Taking in consideration three theories I am keen to use the third ,because I …

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