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Physical Evaluation

PE is a word that stands for Physical Education. In many Commonwealth countries, it is also known as PT or physical training. It is a course in education related to the physique of a person’s body. It is undertaken during secondary and primary education and promotes psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health.

Fitness level at the beginning of a quarter should not be a vigorous exercise. At this level, the body has not adapted to extreme exercises. One, therefore, has to start with less strenuous exercises (Green et al. 102-110). He/she should increase the exercise each time, if an individual has four quarters, then the first two exercises have to be less vigorous, but the last two quarters have to be vigorous, as the body has adapted to the exercising process.There are many benefits of physical fitness to human beings. Its benefits include helping individuals perform their daily activities efficiently. The core muscles that allow us to bend, walk, reach up or move towards sides become used to exercise, hence allowing efficiency of tasks to be performed. More so through the physical training, core muscles attain proper postures, which allow one not to slouch and put pressure on the lower back. Also, it allows one to perform a vast variety of sports, which allows coordination of the lower and upper body. Exercise enables one to become less prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes as well as body pressure and heart diseases (Zakrajsek 85-89).

Exercising the core muscles allows the body to burn down body calories that are harmful to the body. Also, body exercise strengthens the bones of an individual, thus increasing bone density and minimizing injuries. One of the exercise that a person can do is athletics. Where one has to establish a timetable either in the morning or in evening (Green 51-55). An estimated distance to be covered is set. An individual starts at a low pace while increasing the speed at every destination.Involvement in exercise is good for my health as well as my daily activities. It enables my body to resist some lifestyle diseases that could reduce my lifespan. It also allows my body to have a straight posture as well as strong bones, in the case of any injury, my body can still maintain a balanced posture. As a student, exercising enables me to have a stable core that supports my body to sit for a long time, as there is less strain on the pelvis area, which could result in a chronic backache.

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