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Political Discussion

It is almost impossible, but it seems that 2016 President Elections is the USA are already done, Hilary Clinton is the undisputed favorite, at least at Democratic Party elections race. Bernie Sanders, who is the main competitor in internal Democratic Party elections for Mrs. Clinton, proved himself as eccentric and original politician. In one interview he noticed that President Eisenhower must have been a bigger socialist than he was since back in the 1950's the country had a much higher tax rate.

But I suppose that in modern political situation returning to higher income tax rates wouldn’t solve the social and economic problems. Modern era is characterized as era of cosmopolitanism; a lot of people have different citizenship and several passports. Such people are usually reach and successful, so they use their second citizenship to avoid taxation in the USA. For example, a lot of professional tennis player and other businessman choose their residence as Monaco or Switzerland, where income tax rates are the lowest in the world, so their maximally treasure their income. Also different state income tax rates plays role in selecting a team for American professional sportsmen, in NBA, NHL, NFL or MBL. It is harder to sign a good player, if your state taxes are high.

So, I believe, that returning for higher tax rates will lead our government to numerous problems and different rallies or insurrection. The system of tax rating should be transformed for levy a tax on global corporations and other macroeconomics …

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