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Potential Site Business Proposal Items List

Open-space café with cats

Small Family Bakery

Chain of Large Supermarkets

Potential Participants

waiters, vets who take care about the pets

shop assistants, bakers

shop assistants, cashiers, cleaners, security officers

Potential Settings

café hall, pets’ room, WC


sales area


Relaxing atmosphere and communication with animals; emotional relationship waiters-vets-pets-regular client; researches exist (Wu, Cedric Hsi-Jui, and Shen, Chieh-Hen 2013).

Easy and immediate access; interactions with clients might be video recorded; researcher may act as a first time customer.

Easy access; researcher could be a full participant pretending to act as an apprentice or getting a job; wide range of emotions; the interaction will definitely be video recorded.


Allergies to cats; a necessity to take off shoes in order not to bring dirt and microbes to the place cats live; uncontrolled behaviors of cats; scratches, damages, cats’ hair; stolen food by pets.

Ordinary and short-term communication with customers; research may be short due to the lack of place and busy working hours.

No comfortable place to sit and watch; short-time interaction with customers, many researches exist.

Works Cited

Wu, Cedric Hsi-Jui, and Shen, Chieh-Hen. “Factors Affecting Customer Positive Emotion and Service Relation-Restaurants in Hotel as Examples.” International Journal of Business Tourism and Applied Sciences, vol. 1, no.2, July-December, 2013, pp. …

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