Procedural Writing Assignment: Web Designers example

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Procedural Writing Assignment: Web Designers

The audience will be web designers who are attending the courses for the beginners. They are going to get acquainted with the instruction for creating websites animation script. The learners are computer literate but they have no experience in doing anything like that.

Instructions for Writing a Script for Animation:

Animation videos are ideally suitable to convey a story, product or service. Animation allows clear and concise communication between the problem and the solution. Before you can create an animation, you need a script.

Before writing a script, describe what the core message you need to convey, in one or two sentences. Therefore, be critical in the selection of information and do not use the unnecessary info to make your point.

Ask yourself several questions. Who is the audience? What purpose is to be achieved? Does your client want to explain something? Convince someone? Would the animation encourage the listener to action?

Put yourself in the audience's shoes. What problem does your client solve for them? Decide want he/she gets from that message and what gets your audience. Develop the components of the animation. Characters, landscapes, buildings can be drawn in vector.

Make a story. Try to describe the scenes of your animation. Each screen explains what will happen and what the characters or voiceover will say. You are supposed to write the story as a conversation between characters or between a character and the viewer.

Find a way to portray that message using metaphor. Determine the imagery or visual style. For example, visualize the construction of a skyscraper, on the basis of a child playing with Lego.The use of metaphors makes fraught and complex issues much easier to comprehend. Let the cartoonish characters tell the story. Pay attention that it is advisable not to use the same metaphor all the time, try to build bridges putting different visuals.

Think in scènes. If everything is good, a core message is on the paper and you have selected the correct form of storytelling, you can now continue working on the content of your script. A script consists of two parts: the voice-over (voice being recorded) and scenes (a description of what the viewer sees). These components are usually deeply interrelated.You should create a synergy between the message and the image that empower the animation.

Do not use too professional language. It is recommended to use easy-to-understand one.

Be brief and concise. Remember that a voice-over can express a maximum of 120 words per minute. Keep in mind that a good, useful message is no more than one or two sentences.

It is possible to add music or a professional voice-over. These options will be always separately offered to suit client`s taste.

Make sure the temp of the piece is correct. A too quick message will not be understood, on the other hand, a too slow animation will not capture the audience.

Always try to make it personal by taking into account your client`s needs and preferences.

Keep it simple. Make sure the target audience …

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