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Quality Tools

Table of Contents


The Organization and Its Background4

The Issues with Workflow in an Organization4

General Problems with the Workflow in the Organization6

Leadership styles and quality policies 6

Mechanisms of the Employees’ Motivation in the Organization8

Critical Analysis of Workflow Quality9

Workforce Improvement Plan10

Conclusion 13

References 15

Quality Tools


Due to the increasing requirements for the effective management of workflow at the enterprises, the question of how to digitize activities of workflow service is becoming increasingly important. It is of importance to determine the number of officers and to evaluate the effectiveness of their activities. The estimate of workflow management, their services should be linked to the company objectives and to encourage professionals make the staff to show the most effective performance of their work. The actualization of this issue was the natural result of nearly a century of formation of HR-services.

The industry HR-services today is mainly concerned with improving employment relations, selection of candidates for vacant positions, development and implementation of the training programs and social development programs, as well as the motivation and stimulation of labor activity. For example, in the UAE, the responsibilities of HR-services are usually distributed on a functional basis. The staffing of the HR departments of the large enterprises are provided by the head office services and specialist of the workflow document to the experts on the selection, adaptation, assessment, training, and motivation. In some areas of activity, it is directly involved in the framework of its competence and takes other subjects of management performed by the line managers of other departments.

Changing the specifics of work in connection with the transition from workflow management to human resources management two questions are actualized: what should be the number of services to new realities effectively cope with the functionality, and how to evaluate its effectiveness? With regard to the first question, it is possible apply the method of determining the number of workflow officers, describing the number of objects, that is, employees of the organization, serviced by a staff member of Workflow Management Service. In different countries the service factor depends on the traditions in the field of workflow management, the characteristics of the workflow policy of enterprises and the number of areas to work with the staff. Therefore, this paper will concern a UAE company and will assess its workflow quality in order to single out the recommendations for its improvement.

The Organization and Its Background

The company which has been chosen for the investigation and improvement implementation plan is Space Imaging Middle East LLC. The company is focused on production the high-resolution quality of image satellites. One more field of the company’s expertise is geolocation determination equipment and tools. Along with this, the Space Imaging Middle East LLC company is engaged in production of the computer programs which are used when applying the hard wear manufactured by Space Imaging Middle East LLC. Hence, it is evident that the company’s scope of expertise is extremely broad and extends to the numerous areas of investigation. However, from the point of view …

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