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Flickr and It's Impacts

The social media platform I have chosen for this assignment is Flickr ( Flickr, which is pronounced as ‘Flicker’, is a Yahoo-owned image and video hosting website. On Flickr, users have the opportunity to ‘refrigerate’ their images in an online repository from where an individual can share or download it from any platform or operating system available.

Flickr also prides itself in its unique feature that enables a user to assign the activities of arranging their photos and video to another person (friend or family member). Photo researchers and bloggers who later share on their blogs and social media mostly use the social media platform. Some of the social effects caused by Flickr include increased socialization, empowered online harassment and killed independent thinking. Users of Flickr enjoy the gift of being able to socialize and share experiences with old and new friends through images and videos. Due to the online repository, people with embarrassing photos or videos uploaded on the site have a lifetime of ridicule as other users may download and use them. Furthermore, the comment sections reduce independent thinking as users lose interest when little or no comments are in their favour and prefer popular images/clips to define them.

Other impacts of Flickr include the negative impact on employee productivity and a positive one on business. As members work on their online personality, they are distracted from their workplace duties as they upload or track down the comments on their posts and tags. On the other side, users who post photos of or videos of their company products reap benefits of brand image and popularity that is bound to increase company …

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