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Resources for Translators

According to a quick research, I have conducted and my experience, I would like to assess three online bilingual dictionaries and put them in comparison to show the main features of these resources nowadays. First, the well-known publisher of English dictionaries - Cambridge University Press possesses a variety of online resources, one of which is the Cambridge Dictionaries Online ( The website consists of various bilingual dictionaries. The main advantage of this resource is its credibility in terms of accuracy of translations.

However, it gives a very restricted numbers of meanings when translating from English. Another extensive resource is The Free Dictionary by Farlex ( This is an innovative platform with a variety of additional functions besides translations. Another advantage of this resource is that American and British English receive the same level of emphasis in contrast to the Cambridge Dictionaries Online. The website also has references to various credible sources such as the American Heritage Dictionary and the Collins Dictionary. Third, bilingual dictionaries provided by ( also consists of precise and detailed translations, especially from English to Spanish, Italian, and French, but translations to other languages should be improved. The user interface of the website is simple and gives links to language forums, where translators can receive helps.

Forums for TranslatorsIn my opinion, three of the most popular forums for translators are (, TranslatorsCafé.com (, and ( All of these forums have large amounts of members and posts per day and cover various languages. However, there are differences in the manners of their operations.

While is run by a team as an organization with a system of headquarters and offices, the others are voluntary forums regulated by members themselves. Moreover, and TranslatorsCafé.com put a more emphasis on job suggestions while is merely a forum, where users make discussions posts, share their experiences and talk to each other. Its design is also friendlier and less confusing than the others.Job Search Websites for Translators I would like to introduce three websites with job offers for translators: Freelancer (, Translatorsbase (, and GovernmentJobs ( While Freelancer is a famous platform for freelancers in general and translators in particular, Translatorsbase focuses on translation-related freelance jobs only. On the contrary, GovernmentJobs only refers to official jobs in the USA. As a result, the two freelance websites offer a variety of jobs for freelance translators, yet with very low wage rates and designated for those in developing countries; otherwise, GovernmentJobs is the place where an American professional translator can find an official well-paid job.

Online Translation Journals

When doing Internet research, three online translation journals that drew my attention the most are Journal of Translation (, Translation Journal (, and International Journal of English Language and Translation Studies ( Translation Journal was founded in 1997 and publishes their journals quarterly while International Journal of English Language and Translation Studies started publishing their periodical in 2013. Both the journals are collections …

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