Quantitative Research Study Paper: Steps of The Critique Process example

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Quantitative Research Study Paper: Steps of The Critique Process


The research below will be about the steps involved in the critique process. It has commenced by explaining the meaning of the process and its importance. The research has also mentioned the study “Sources of stress in nursing students: a systematic review of quantitative studies” as being the best passage for the topic. That stems from the fact that it is a qualitative research work which otherwise makes critiquing it crucial to ascertain the facts its facts. The research below has also discussed the processes of comprehension, comparison, analysis and evaluation that are all necessary steps when conducting a research critique. The first step i.e. comprehension will encompass understanding the terms and concepts vital to the study. Comparison, the second phase is vital for the promotion of the rules in any research work. The third step i.e. analysis will mention the ways that important principles and elements have been utilized. Lastly, evaluation is used in understanding the meaning and importance of the entire study.


The critique process is a method of providing feedback for possible improvement in the future. Its purpose is embedded in determining whether the findings of research are usable to the concerned parties. For one to gain the perfect comprehension and appreciation of the critique process, recognizing the expectations for performing it is fundamental. Besides, it will permit the careful examination of the endeavor associated with the process or element that is being subjected to critique. Therefore, that the following paper will discuss the first four steps of the critique process. The discussion will be centered on the elements of comprehension, comparison, analysis and lastly evaluation.

On the first account, the best passage for the topic is about the sources of stress for the nursing students. It is a research work that has an aim of identifying the primary causatives of stress among the nursing students. It is the best since nurses must often make a critical contemplation and evaluation of studies for determining the right concept to practice (Boswell & Cannon, 2015, p. 405).

Step one-comprehension

It is the first step in any critical appraisal process. It encompasses the comprehension of the terms, as well as, the concepts mentioned in the report. It also identifies the critical steps of a research process e.g. problem, design, methods of measurement, data collection and the findings. As the first step, it will include conducting a review of the abstract, going through the whole research and also carrying out an examination of the references used. Besides, the research will be evaluated by determining the clarity and conciseness of the work, use of relevant terms and the identification of the primary sections of the research.

Step two-comparison

In this phase, the assessor must make an examination of the extent that the rules applicable in any ideal study are followed. The steps of the research should also be examined to determine whether they correlate with the content presented. Other significant elements of this phase include mentioning …

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