Reflection of Thoughts: Christian Outlook example

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Reflection of Thoughts: Christian Outlook

It is possible to apply the Christian approach to the sociological perspective, including the process of socialization, social structure, and social interaction. Considering this, from the Christian perspective, the sociological science explores the Divine laws of the social life, which means that is useful because it allows humanity to proceed in self-development; however, the sociological theories have to correspond to the Christian ethics. I

It is necessary to address Chapter 1 – The Sociological Perspective. This chapter addresses various sociological theories and their influence on the development of the sociology as the scientific discipline. From the Christian perspective, these theories can be evaluated differently. For example, I consider conflict social conflict theory as unchristian because it advocates social confrontation, which contradicts Christian ethical concept of ‘love thy neighbor’. In general, I believe that the other theories in the chapter correspond to the Christian morality. In this perspective, different sociological theories can be differently perceived from the Christian perspective.

As for Chapter 2, I believe that the issue of culture and intercultural communications is extremely relevant in perspective of Christianity. Many different cultures confess Christianity, and this religion absorbs the cultural features of its followers. The sociological approach towards culture allows gaining a better understanding of the role of culture and its connection to the faith. Moreover, religion and culture frequently perform the same functions, such as creating restrictions, taboos, and providing social rewards for the appropriate behavior. Considering this, I believe that such a symbiosis of culture and religion makes a sociological study of culture extremely relevant.

Chapter 3, which explores the process of the socialization, is also able to provide useful knowledge in the perspective of the Christianity. According to the Christian faith, the human being is the social creature. It means the way of entering the society (the process of socialization) is a crucial moment in the life of any Christian. I believe that by exploring the mechanisms of the socialization, we can benefit from this knowledge because it would allow us to ease the process of socialization and achieve a more efficient society.

I believe that the study of the social structure, presented in Chapter 4, are also crucial for the Christian faith. Again it would allow us to gain the better understanding of the society, giving us an opportunity to improve it. Throughout the history, Christian had been having a significant impact on the social composition of the communities. It means the sociological study of social structures also explore the place and role of religion in the social dimension. Considering this, I believe that the Chapter 4 and the evaluation of social structures it provides makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of society and Christianity due to their mutual influence.

Chapter 5 describes the ways how sociologists conduct their research. I believe that the ways of obtaining the scientific knowledge are extremely relevant. The qualitative and quantitate methods of research allow sociologists to get the full information regarding the certain social phenomena. As …

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