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Reflection Paper

My cumulative experience in English class has lead me to learn more about myself in ways that no other class could offer. I learned key lessons about myself and what it means to be an admirable leader. Indeed, these lessons lead me to insights about myself that even my family or friends could not figure out about me. For example, I learned about my personal style of handling stressful situations, which I handle professionally. Indeed, I can handle these situations in a timely manner, and know how to deal with it properly. Some strengths that I have are being an outspoken, outgoing, friendly person who is always willing to listen to other members of the group. This means that I have an open mind and I am willing to accept new ideas, or even change my own views for the betterment of the group I am working with. I also discovered that I have an area for development that needs to be addressed. This is that I do not take my time doing projects and I always rush through them, which results in careless mistakes.

Leadership and teamwork go hand-in-hand when working on a project and these two qualities are very important. These characteristics allow a group to work as a cohesive team, and save time. If the leader does not enforce rules and just allows team members to slack, this means that the project will not be successful. Ethics are also another important aspect of working as part of a team. The leader must be ethical and listen to all the members of the group. The leader cannot be biased, have favorites, or be one-sided. Also, the teacher cannot give students a higher grade than others for no reason, because it is not ethical.

Diversity is another important aspect when working with a team of engineers. When one has a group with people from different corners of the world, the group is able to grow faster. People from different backgrounds are able to add value to the group by giving ideas that would not be possible is the group was not diverse. As a result, diversity is something that more teams should implement, since it furthers the mission of the group. Lastly, diversity allows the mind to expand by broadening one’s horizons.

The three main areas that need improvement in my leadership capabilities are: that I rush through projects, I can be disrespectful towards others, and I am not always on time for meetings. I tend to get nervous and speed my way through projects in an attempt to get them done ahead of time. The result of this is careless mistakes and more errors. When I rush through my projects, I also do not take into account the opinions of others in my group. This has hurt the grade of some of my projects as my group mates had valuable insight most of the time. Indeed, I should be more …

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