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Research Program Application

The main fact why I decided to get the MD is associated with the fact that people need help. We cannot say “help yourself” People require professional treatment and this treatment can be delivered by professionals with high skills and understanding of their calling or in other words destination. Otherwise, people will get low-quality help that will not help them to face the health issues. As for me, I have a good experience in working with patients and I know how to solve their problems and to assure them that doctors can help them to solve all health issues. It is good to understand that patients should be cured and half of the result depends on the good relationships between the patient and doctor. In addition, communication with patients is only one facet of the doctors’ work, I worked in fast paced environment, so I know how to take serious decisions. Due to educational background in “Name of institution”, I have a skills to overcome the stress situation and to avoid a disaster. While in such situation the most people become panic-stricken, I can take serious decisions and to proceed with my daily activities.

My area of interest is dermatology. I know that this is the first boundary that separates us from the hostile environment. Malfunctions of this protection will be my profile. I will help people to solve such issues and to ensure that skin will serve them as the protection of the possible problems and not the cause of such problems. My desire to work with in this sphere is associated with the fact that I am experienced in this sphere, I have learned it in my university and I want to proceed with this sphere, in addition, I want to help people with such diseases, since they can be quite serious and people require immediate help that can be provided by me.

My future plans are associated with applying to MD, since I want to become the full-fledged member of the doctors’ community and to offer people high-end help in their health issues. It is important to underline that I have an experience in my sphere of interest. My passion is to become a professional in my sphere of interest to help people and to give them the hope, when other people say that there is no hope. Only professional can solve such issues and bring the resolution of issues, which are available only for those, who acquired …

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