Risk Acceptance Criteria in Application to Maintenance Management of Aerospace Systems example

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Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) In Application to Maintenance Management of Aerospace Systems

Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Research Background

Risk Assessment

Risk Acceptance Criteria

Maintenance Management

Human Safety Approach

Individual Risk Criteria

Social Risk Criteria

Safety Cost-Benefit Approach

Human Safety

Advantages And Limitations Of Risk Acceptance Criteria

Alaska Airlines Case Study


RAC Risk Acceptance Criteria

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis

ALARP As Low as Reasonable Practicable

ATM Air Traffic Management

QRA Quantitative Risk Assessment NPD New Product Development

Executive Summary

In the contemporary society of ever-changing businesses landscapes, innovative projects and improvement of technology play a critical role in establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage for many organizations. However, such technology does not always guarantee safety for its users. The safer a system, technology, service, or process is, the easier and faster people embrace it (Busch, 2014). For this reason, it is essential for industries such as the aviation sector that provide direct and sensitive services to the public to have rules that control them as they strive to maintain their systems for public safety. The maintenance management of the aerospace system takes into consideration the possible risks that the systems in the aviation industry pose to the public (Busch, 2014). The management then sets up strategies and measures to minimize the probability of occurrence of the risk or the magnitude of damage that is likely to be caused as a result of the occurrence of the risk. Since it is impossible to have any systems without risks, it is necessary for the aviation sector to have effective risk acceptance criteria (RAC) rather than trying to eliminate the risks out of the systems (Arnold, et al., 2012). These factors have guided this paper to focus on the risk acceptance criteria and how it is applied in the maintenance management of aerospace systems as these systems become more complex and more demanding, due to the rising awareness in terms of safety threshold and so on (Amouzegar, et al., 2002). The proposition here is that which indicts the said criterion individually and how they are linked up with the rest, in terms of general application and in terms of curbing the risk that may arise from any sort of risk acceptance. The proposition is that of developing a befitting risk acceptance criteria that is applicable to the maintenance of the aerospace systems in a way that is lucid to the anybody not in possession of an expert's understanding of aerospace systems (Carretero, 2003).

The research design and the problem solving approach used in the study gives enough background enabling the problem to be placed in the plain context of common knowledge while at the same time …

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