Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) in Application to Maintenance Management of Aerospace Systems example

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Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) in Application to Maintenance Management of Aerospace Systems


The maintenance of the aerospace system is one of the most critical activities driving the aviation sector and keeping planes in-flight with minimal occurrence of accidents (Amouzegar, Galway and Geller, 2002). The paper focuses on the risk acceptance criteria and how that is applied in the maintenance of aerospace systems as these systems become more complex and more demanding, due to the rising awareness in terms of safety threshold and so on (REFER TO APPENDIX A). The ways that such maintenance is scheduled provides a breakdown, forming the crux of the projects proposal. The whole essence of the project proposal is introducing report project paper by mentioning the key activities and layout for the project. These activities include the background information regarding the project, the task anticipated in the project proposal, which include the tasks and objective the explicit approach to be used in writing the final project report, the research methodology, a description of proposed research, its project plan and the probable references and appendices (Arnold, Cebon and Ashby, 2012).

The proposal then includes a mention of all the major sections, what the paper focuses on and so on. The risk acceptance criteria refer to the set of rules that control the aviation industry as it strives in maintaining the aerospace systems (Society, 2010). The common trend in many industries and mostly the ones that are engineering-intensive, is that of using an ideal risk acceptance criteria in supporting decision-making. The criteria stand as an absolute in the sense that these measures are implemented if the criteria expected are not met (Frediani and Miele, 2003). In the aviation industry, the regulations state that the aviation companies have a duty in terms of formulating the risk acceptance criteria that relate to any major accidents and to the environment. The various governmental authorities in charge of any specific jurisdiction that the organizations operate their aircrafts must then oversee the practice.The internal control principle adopted by the respective government, have provisions that state that the operators must have the full responsibility in identifying the hazards or in seeing the way, they are controlled.

The discussion in the proposal paper discussed the rationale for the practice. (Moseman, 2011) agrees that the entire expected utility theory has not been the single most important backbone for all maintenance thinking, forms the basis for the discussion and the project proposal. In this proposal, an indication of the risk acceptance criteria is to be introduced as a risk management tool, and that will form the basis with which the application of ideal risk acceptance criteria is based on (Hokstad, et al., 2004). The authorities formulate most of the common rules and regulation that are needed in many countries. However, most countries and industries, for instance in the United Kingdom and in the United States approach the whole issue of risk acceptance criteria depending on the special circumstances that …

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