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Airport Security

Importance of Airport Security

Security in airports involves the provision of protection to flight passengers from unlawful acts. It is an important exercise which should be enforced in every airport. Throughout the years, improvements in globalizations have caused airports to be central areas with respect to trade. As a result, airports act as an interconnection between countries involved in international trade (Airport security, 1987). Therefore, they have become gateways to countries. The need for security comes in as these gateways attract criminals as well as terrorists who if allowed to go through airports could cause civil aviation issues such as bomb blasts. Once such information is noted, the security team moves forward to neutralize the threat. The security personnel in airports ensures that passengers have the feeling of safety. It is in that respect that a lot of resources are channeled towards the implementation of reliable security in airports.

Airport security is meant to make it difficult for attackers to plan and execute their plans. Therefore, as soon as they arrive at their airport, the security systems should identify potential attackers and weapons that they may be having in their possession. Airport security comprises of equipment, security officials and the management of airlines (Airport security, 1987). These components work hand in hand to ensure security risks are mitigated and if possible eliminated. Security in airports makes sure that federal legislations are adhered to by passengers. In air terminals, there are lots of people therefore, threats on their lives are taken with utmost seriousness. Those found to be compromising the safety of people in airports are charged accordingly.

Importance of Airport Management

The management of airports is key towards the implementation of security in air terminals (National Learning Corporation, 2005). For instance, the management acquires the necessary equipment that is used in security checkpoints. Also, it ensures that these equipment is up to date thus can identify security threats effectively. Security staff in airports are managed and acquired by the management. It is also their role to ensure that there are enough personnel in the airport to provide ample security. Passengers need to be afforded with safety else an airport can be shut down if it is unable to maintain its security. The strategies used to enforce security in airports are implemented by security agents in collaboration with the management of airports.

Airport managers also ensure that appropriate funding is channeled towards the improvement of security. Such funding may cater for hiring more qualified security personnel, acquiring advanced security equipment as well as training for the current staff. Airport managers also ensure federal laws are adhered to with respect to security enforcement. They also identify potential security concerns through the analysis of threat patterns. Therefore, they can then review existing security tactics and implement better options to provide a secure environment. It is also the work of airport management to evaluate the progress of security staff and responses. This evaluation is what may help them …

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