Service Delivery – Aircraft Catering example

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Service Delivery – Aircraft Catering


User Guide

Table of Contents

Supplier Details


Other Tabs

Supplier Contacts



Procurement> Supplier Details

Supplier Details is a tool for viewing information regarding the supplier.


User can view Supplier Details page divided into three sections. The first section shows the Supplier Name, Email address, Billing Date, Website, and other related information as shown below.

The second section shows the Contract Details. In this section, user can view the Billing and Payment Currency, Catering Station, Contract dates, and Supply dates. Under the Contract column, user will be able to view the contract by clicking the file for the corresponding Service Type.

User can also view the contract history for the current supplier. Clicking on the View History button will show the contract history as illustrated below.

The third section shows Other Documents. This section shows other files associated with the current supplier. As illustrated below, user can download files under Other Documents by clicking on the file name.

User can click on the Print button to reproduce a downloadable and printable copy of the Supplier Details page as shown below.

Other Tabs

The other tabs show Contact and Operation Details for the current supplier. As shown below, clicking on Contact Details will show a list of the supplier’s contact persons, which includes their Group, Contact Name, Designation, Mobile number, and Email address.

User may also click the Add button to add contact details as shown.

Clicking on the Add button will show the following.

Upon clicking on the Edit button, user can edit contact details for the current supplier through a form as shown below.

After the Contact Details is the Operation Details tab. In Operation Details, user can view the supplier’s Location, Working Hours, Service Types, Catering Station, and other operation-related information as shown below. Clicking on Operation Details will show the following figure.

Procurement> Supplier Contacts

Supplier Contacts is used to show contact details for suppliers. User can also perform a search function to look for specific supplier contact details.


User can perform a blank search, by clicking on the Search button below, to view all supplier contacts.

The following screen is an example of search results after performing a blank search. The search results indicates the Catering Station, Supplier Name, Contact Name, Designation, and Telephone and Mobile number. Clicking on a Contact Name opens the Mail program and shows the Contact’s email address.

User can also click on Export button to export the

This button will open an excel sheet to view menu details

This button will open an excel sheet to view menu details Supplier Contacts List to and Excel file, such as the figure below:

Procurement> Tenders

Tenders takes the user to a search form as shown below. User can perform a blank search, by clicking on the Search button below, to view all tenders.

The following screen will show after clicking the Search button. The search results show the Tender …

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