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Sexual Assault Reflection

Sexual assault is rife in the Higher Academic Institutions than in the other institutions. Statistics show that one in four women will be a victim of sexual assault during one’s academic experience in college or university. It also shows that three percent of male students in colleges have been victims of sexual assault when in college campuses. Women are more vulnerable than men are to sexual assault. In these institutions, rape is the most violent crime that occurs to the students.

Sexual assault can take different forms such as forceful kissing, unwanted touching (such as groping of different body parts), abusive language, and penetration. In most cases, known persons commit these hideous acts.The reason why these occurrences keep happening in schools despite awareness programs is that in most cases, the victims are unwilling to report the assault. In addition, in campuses, ‘there are more opportunities for these acts to occur.’ This is during parties, visiting friends in their dormitories, and walking around campus during odd hours such as late nights. Most victims are assaulted while they are intoxicated from drugs, or when they are alone in a room with the perpetrator (Wallace, 2015).

In order to prevent these occurrences from taking place, students i.e. both male and female should be aware of various tendencies. If one is attending a party, he or she should not accept any drink that has been opened by another individual. This means that one should not drink alcohol or other drinks from a communal source such as the punch bowl. One should attend such parties with trustful friends and they watch over each other. One should avoid walking alone in ‘dangerous’ places i.e. areas that are poorly lit, and deserted areas. It is important to undertake basic self-defense lessons that will assist an individual in case of an attack.

One should attract attention such as screaming if confronted with such a situation. It is important to report sexual assault incidences and avoiding self-blame. If these measures are undertaken in college campuses, it will reduce the occurrence of these incidences (Earp, 2015).


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