Social Action Project (Myles Horton) example

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Social Action Project (Myles Horton)

The Long Haul is an Autobiography of Myles Horton (Horton, 1998). He is the main character in this article and talks more about what he witnessed concerning social movement. However, the story is created by including other characters such as Martin Luther King Jr. Myles Horton, being the main character, brings the main theme of the story which is civil right movement at different locations. His main aim is to show different instances under which such movement was established, and the consequences of its actions.The story is centered on racism which seems to be very common in Mississippi. The social movement is determined to fight for the rights of equality, where they want the blacks to be viewed as human beings. In a social movement, everything is seen as dynamic, meaning that no one can be able to make fixed plans or schedule.

The story ends with the civil right movement winning the battle, where every other person helps in the battle against racism, and the right of equality is endorsed, and both blacks and the whites are allowed to mix freely. Again, a fight against poverty cropped up as a solution to non-violence. However, the movement is not contented even after their victory and wants to go back on the street and demonstrate in the fight for political and economic change. The setting of this story is illustrated at a different location. In the first place, the writer takes us to Mississippi, where he says that he met a woman, who was teaching about citizenship and the need for voting, portraying her naivety on what was happening in her city. Again, the story has other settings such as the church and at the bus where the whites do not mix with the blacks. There are some conflicts that are demonstrated in this story. There is the conflict based on color. The whites are fighting with the blacks. There is a very big rift between them, such that they have separate schools, churches, and restaurants. People are also in conflict with themselves because they do not have the courage to believe in themselves. Also, movement forces people to take their stand, either for or against it, leaving no place for neutrals. The movement also forces individuals to be worse than they should and makes it hard for people to make any progress without pain. Martin Luther King opposes Vietnam War, but the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and its leaders object, arguing that bringing peace issues would lead to the division of the movement.In this story, there are few instances of collective action. Collective actions are actions taken by a group of people to come up with a common goal.

The creation of social movement is derived from the fact that ideas brought together are made simple, making it easy for progress. Again, working in an organization proves to be the …

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