Sociology Group Process Discussion example

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Sociology Group Process Discussion

Prompt 1. What was it like to discuss group values, expectations and goals? Is this something that you usually do when starting a group project in classes?

Generally writing, discussing group values, expectations, and goals were less stressful experience than it was expected. At the very beginning of it there was some tension, however, soon it disappeared because the leader of our discussion offered the member of the group to drink some tea and eat sweets. As a result, the stress, which was in the air vanished, and the group members were ready to discuss the current issues and perspectives of the group. It is really very important to have such discussions and to be heard. The study considers:

“Hearing loss in the individual affects their quality of Adult auditory training is it part of aural rehabilitation. It has a significant impact on their speech perception abilities. It affects social interactions, in employment, in leisure pursuits, and in the enjoyment of sound” (Archana et al. 24). Hence, it is necessary to hear the voice of each representative of the group and take their point of view into account. It is something the group should usually do in order to better cooperate and achieve phenomenal results. Even two people are unable to go anywhere, if they do not agree between each other and share the same values. Therefore, group discussions are needed to direct the members of it in the right way.

Prompt 2. What was it like to use consensus in your group discussion? Did you feel like your voice was heard? Did you feel satisfied with the group discussion and decisions (ready to support the group decisions)? What other course concepts were used in your discussion?

Using consensus in my group was like having a real battle. It seemed like there was a war between the members of my group, however, finding the agreement at the end was really worthy. The report states: “Auditory rehabilitation consists of four components which include sensory management, instruction, perceptual training, and counseling” (Archana et al. 24). All of these steps were included to the structure of our discussion. As a result, it was found out that my voice was heard. I managed to express my opinion at the almost end of the discussion. The thing that made me feel satisfied with the discussion was the fact that the leader agreed with my point of view and made directives, which included my suggestions. At that moment I felt at the top of the world because my ideas were approved and expressed openly, finally. Additionally, our group decided to analyze the mistakes that were made in our cooperation and reform the group functioning. Each of us revealed their points of view and almost everyone get a special responsibility for some of the group processes. So now, almost everyone has their duty within a group, which will make the success and fruitfulness of the …

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