Stress in Healthcare Providers and How to Reduce It example

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Stress in Healthcare Providers and How to Reduce It

The research question is “How to reduce stress in healthcare providers.”

The objective of this literature review is to provide valuable information and explain why the presented resources are significant and helpful, and why they serve as the basis for the research.

This paper will explore the literature gathered on the presented topic. The publication time of the resources ranges from 1987 to 2016. All the sources being reviewed are dedicated to the problem of stress in healthcare providers and seeking ways to reduce it. Starting from the late 1980s, scientists started paying attention to stress among healthcare provides. First, the scientists depicted the background for this problem and then moved to its possible solutions. The articles published in 1980s not only present facts that healthcare workers experience much stress at work, but also suggest interventions and evaluation of their effectiveness as the problem solution. Moreover, some sources started combining stress in healthcare providers with the financial status of the organization and the health of the workers, stating that finances could influence the psychological, physical, and mental health of workers. Hence, the scientists who dedicated their works to this problem started from general ideas, supporting the existence of this problem, and then drew concrete conclusions. The sources reviewed are credible and can be trusted. Each of the articles that are being reviewed, introduces the problem very explicitly. The sources present valuable theoretical background (including stress-related models), possible outcomes of the problem (if it remains unsolved), and practical interventions that would eliminate those poor outcomes. The resources also include experimental studies and meta-analyses, conducted by the researchers which make them more credible by presenting evidence on the effects of the problem and the results of certain interventions. With the latest researches conducted, there appeared a tendency to the prevention of the stress-related problem among healthcare workers rather than its treatment. The further discussion will provide the ideas presented by the researchers on this problem, its genesis and further development.

Genesis and Development of the Problem

Section headings receive level one format, e.g. “Literature Review” or “Discussion” n 1987, Defrank and Cooper related the problem of stress to the management strategies. They focused on the worksite as the place for developing stress. Prior to this research, there was published a report of the Institute of Medicine on health and stress. The report suggested that the organization manifests itself as the cause of the person's stress because of the amount of working time, demands for the worker's performance and the interaction with colleagues. In their research, Defrank and Cooper presented a model of stress management interventions which aimed at health promotion and explained the results of each intervention (Defrank & Cooper, 1987).

In 1988, Landsbergis supported and added to the idea presented by Defrank and Cooper (1987) that health is related to the work place. Landsbergis conducted the research, the results of which showed that the level of job strain …

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