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I. Telecommunication is an important system of communication, which plays an integral role in the history of modern society. This system is one of the engineering fields, which are actually connected to electronics sphere, civil, structural and electrical engineering. A lot of different corresponding media equipment is used in order to make media available to the world. Such technologies as radio, satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies were implemented by telecommunications prominent engineers to provide better service and effective engineering solutions.

Nowadays, fiber optic cable can replace all those massive amounts of cable which was placed earlier.Telecommunication engineers are started and generated the idea of technological improvements in the following industries: telegraph industry (late 19th), radio and telephone industry (at the beginning of 20th century) (Burnham, 2001). In the present days, telecommunication is widespread all over the world; it also plays an important role in the world economy. Samuel Morse was the first person who could develop a telegraph in 1837. Next year, Alfred Vail helped to develop the register, after that more than 20,000 miles of telegraph lines were provided.

The first successful transatlantic telegraph communication was fully completed by the end of July, 1866. Over the years, the first commercial telephone was developed and set up in 1878. The person who could hold the patent for the invention was Alexander Graham Bell. It was Bell and his co-inventor, Charles Sumner Tainter, who could conduct the first wireless telephone connection with the help of modulated light beams. It is fact that such inventions as telephone and telegraph play a vital role, especially during the World War. People could conduct communication via telegraph, could receive important messages which saved their lives.First of all, communication deals with the preparation, conduction or transmission and reception of different types of information, which is formulated in codes via media with the help of fiber optic cables, including AM and FM techniques. Without telegraph it could not be possible to have a connection with the main centers during the War, the connection was at the first place, thanks to technologies people could have a short message, which helped them to survive.

II. In fact, there are other types of communication which are the alternative methods in the process of the information conduction. They are radio and television. It was a really successful invention, which could help the population to know more about the world and their country and even about another people, and then the idea of radio and television came to the inventors, also they were presented as electrical telegraph (Jack, 2009).In 1837, it was made a first step to the most effective way of communication, that year Samuel Morse could develop the first radio and television, but the presentation of these innovations was ineffective. Later, in 1894 Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, was the next person who could successfully build the wireless telegraphy system based on radio transmission. Some years later he was given …

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