The “Adultery” by Paolo Coelho Review example

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The “Adultery” by Paolo Coelho Review

For a review project I have chosen a book “Adultery” by Paulo Coelho, as I have been interested of purchasing this particular novel. Using National Newspapers Core database, I managed to find a small review of the book while Google Engine, sent me to Goodreads webpage. Although both reviews are on the same book, the descriptions are different, as one describes the plot, while the other emphasizes on the credits of the author.

The review from the database source looks like an abstract of the novel as it briefly describes the main idea of the book, starting with the phrase “A woman around her thirties … has a perfect life…” The author of the review seems to impartially tell the reader the story. Next, the woman meets an ex-boyfriend from her adolescence, who “ends up arousing something in her she hadn't felt for a long time: passion” ( The review ends with that last word, particularly emphasizing it, as it is the climax. Therefore “passion” leaves the reader thinking about this feeling, and probably recalling memories of a dramatic affair of reader’s.The other review found on Goodreads web page starts with defining the character of the novel: “Adultery, the provocative new novel by Paulo Coelho…” and goes to giving credits to the author for his other bestsellers.

The review then gives the reader the thesis of the book, namely how to live a life happily “finding the balance between life's routine and the desire for something new” (Coelho). From one side this is enough to understand what the main theme of the book is, nevertheless it does not make the reader think on the issue, leaving him just a little intrigued. This makes this review to loose points for the lack of usefulness and emotions.

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