Life and Views of Benjamin Franklin example

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Life and Views of Benjamin Franklin

Table of Contents


Early years in Boston

Escape to Philadelphia and London trip

Back to Philadelphia

Financial success and public recognition

State service and political activity

Becoming a Founding Father

Discussion and conclusion


Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the US, was not only a great politician and scientist, he was a prominent philosopher and thinker of his time, recognized both in the US and worldwide. His figure is which inspire statesmen and public activists, writers and ordinary people to follow the ideals of self-improvement and innovation. An example of Franklin provides understanding of what is the American spirit, how it is embedded in people, and what could one do to achieve such a success. He was perhaps the most surprising figure of that time, and presents a clear example of what is designated as self-made man (Wood, 4), i.e. a human who achieves success only due to his intelligence, personal skills and enthusiasm.Reflecting on the life stories of such people is important to gain inspiration for everyday life. Although Franklin was not a military man, he has been a true hero of his epoch, since his actions and ideas have changed the way of life of generations. Unless a sufficient attention is paid to the biography, it is impossible to understand why certain traits have been developed by that esteemed person. Thus for the purpose of this paper, I will provide an analysis of the life of Benjamin Franklin to assess his life events and philosophical views, and fully comprehend the importance of this personality for American history. In describing Franklin’s life, I will put special attention to his thoughts and actions associated with self-improvement, compromise, innovation, community development, and equity in education.The analysis is deliberately based on several sources, which are considered reliable stories about Benjamin Franklin, including his own reflections in the autobiography, and books describing his life, career and ideas.

Early years in Boston

Benjamin Franklin was born in January 1706 in Boston the family of tallow chandler Josiah Franklin, becoming the youngest of the seventeen children (Franklin & Labaree, 1). His personal qualities started to develop since his early childhood, being presented in almost all he did. Boston at that time was a large commercial center with about seven thousand citizens, and figure was doubling every twenty years. Since his early childhood Benjamin was considered a leader among the boys, and under his guidance children used to play and build wharfs. The position of the Benjamin's father was that nothing is useful which is not honest. All the traits acquired in childhood have been manifesting through the whole life of that man, since Benjamin was proud to be effective leader and organizer of cooperative endeavors and projects, which received a huge support of the public, an honest and sincere person, and a smart and progressive inventor (Isaacson, 21).After two years of school Benjamin had to …

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