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The Idea of a Leadership

The article “Eight to Late” shows that it can be useful to consider leadership not as a well-defined concept but a social skill of acting in a specific context. While using Taoism, the author stresses the idea of leadership as actions and relationships rather than objects. In addition, it pays attention to the importance of an open mind and hence, non-doing or effortless action within leadership.

In this regard, knowledge of leadership phenomena and constant control of followers are not necessary. Instead, “experientially located and responsive relational skills-in-process” should be used (“Eight to late,” 2012). These ideas can be incorporated into my role as a project manager via developing greater openness, flexibility, and focus on employee involvement. Thus, I will be able to consider contextual factors which are more likely to change in project work than traditional operational processes. In addition, I will be able to enhance open-mindedness and effortless action. Herewith, I agree that leadership should regard contextual factors instead of prescribed principles and control as these two aspects are more characteristic of managers. I also agree that when people lead, they are less likely to think about leadership principles and act instead. In addition, labels cannot make leaders. However, I believe that leaders should have knowledge concerning leadership as it provides a basis for a leader’s thought and action in various situations (Ferruggia, 2010).

This should not necessarily impede their openness but can enhance it. Moreover, a leader’s experience can be also viewed as knowledge. In addition, though the idea of creating a work environment in which employees could operate autonomously is very good, all people are different. For some people, it can be difficult to work in this way as they require guidance. Herewith, I would like to know how the author suggests that leaders could improve their leadership.


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