The Role of Healthcare to the US Citizens Questions Exam example

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The Role of Healthcare to the US Citizens Questions Exam

What are the main objectives of a healthcare delivery system?

The key objectives of any healthcare delivery system is to deliver the healthcare services to all the citizens whenever they are in need of it and make these services affordable and adherent to pre-established standards of quality.

Name some of the basic functional components of the US healthcare delivery system. What role does each play in the delivery of healthcare?

Some of the basic functional components of the US healthcare delivery system are financing, insurance, payment and delivery. Each of these components plays a major role and should go hand in hand for smooth functioning of a healthcare system. Financing relates to buying insurance or paying for the healthcare services used. Insurance safeguards the consumers against any catastrophic risk. Delivery involves providing the consumers with healthcare facilities. Payments deals with reimbursing the providers for services delivered to the insured consumer.

Who are the major players in the US health services system? What are the positive and negative effects of the often conflicting self-interests of these players?

The major players in the US healthcare delivery system are the government, doctors or physicians, administrators of healthcare organizations, insurance companies and large employers. The positive effects include smooth functioning of system without one player dictating the system. But because of the conflicting self-interest among the players in the healthcare system, it has negative effect on the physician-patient relationship on quality of patient care and the capacity to execute ethical commitments.

Why is it that despite public and private health insurance programs, some US citizens are without any coverage?

Health insurance is offered by large employers as a fringe benefit to the employees. Small industries, cannot manage to pay for health insurance to their employees. The unemployed cannot is not eligible for an employer-sponsored program. In accordance with recent laws, those who have recently separated from their employment have to pay the entire premium to get coverage at group rates for up to twelve months from their previous employer which is too expensive. Public programs like Medicare and Medicaid have eligibility criteria. Medicare is only for the elderly and certain disabled individuals. Medicaid eligibility is based on assets and income, and usually only the very poor qualify.

What are the main roles of the government in the US health services system?

The government plays a major role in the US healthcare system. This role comprises of a range of responsibilities, including the establishment of laws, policies and guidelines to make sure the health of all citizens. It also has a service delivery role to remove barriers, improve access and guarantee the excellence of care delivered to individuals at increased risk. Also the government financially aids the system with programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The eligibility criteria to avail this healthcare benefits are decided by the US government. The reimbursement rates to the providers for delivering the services to the insured …

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