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Thinking "In The Box"

As an innovator, one needs to think out of the box to come up with a whole new idea. Innovation is all about thinking to generate new ideas. The new ideas should be better compared to the already existing ones. It does not necessarily mean to come up with new products in the market; it also involves improvement of the products existing in the market. The only way to improve the products in the market is not only thinking “out of the box”, but it also requires thinking “in the box”.

The main advantage of thinking in the box is that one can understand products and services in his or her environment. Once there is a good understanding of the products, it will be easy to identify the gaps in the observed product or service. In this case, the role of the innovator will only to fill the gap of what is missing in the product.As far as there are, some innovators that we share the same ideologies with, I tend to think differently with most of the people. Innovation, to me, is not necessary to be associated with an introduction of an entirely new thing in the market. Most of this person misunderstanding innovation in this way have a potential of improving our daily situations by studying what is on the market and correcting its flaws.

To develop and improve the innovative mindset, an innovator has to be constantly studying the industry of his or her interest in innovation involves a lot of thinking. It is through adequate studies that one can identify a gap to improve …

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