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Up Your Strength

Individuals in the military must always be physically fit at all times. Their duties of defending the country can only be achieved when the training is done perfectly. This drill involves some workouts program, but whichever, the program used it must be able to accomplish the goals laid. A drilling strategy is a detailed outline of how one would take up his or her exercise activities.The 5X5 workout design was created to help individuals improve their strengths and also their periodization pattern of working out. It is a prearranged program that if well done would prove the physic of any person. It is, therefore, vital that it is used in the military. One of the reasons as to why it was designed was to improve the strengths of athletes, and if can do this, then it can as well make soldiers very tough.

Those in the army, needs to be strong, they need to have strengths that would make them endure the hardship that they do encounter whenever they go on a mission (McNab, 2015).Regarding the intensity of the training that those in the military usually go through, this program would be an ideal one. It would provide them with an easy task when trying to adjust to such vigorous activities. The periodization pattern in this system is can be said to be the exact much with the military training. Things are done simultaneously with each activity given its ample time. A time to recover is also there, where after each action, the body is given enough time to rest and regain strength. It does not overwork the body (McNab, 2015). The program has an initial stage where one is provided with time for adaptation purposes. One needs to adapt to the new set of the program, as it may at time prove problematic to some individuals. The workout plan has also given the opportunity for one to choose the right weight for him or her; this would help avoid cases of a body straining in any case.The step by step structure of the workout plan makes it perfect for those in the military. Bumping up is another stage where after successful training in the first phase, then one can move to the next level. The preparation phase is preceded by the peaking phase where after having a successful first four weeks, then one would move to another step of pushing even much harder. One would need to focus on the increase in the weights, allowing him or her to adjust swiftly to this new system.

At this stage, one can as well decide to end the whole training pattern and not be affected. On the other hand, this should not be the case with the military training; because once you choose to take the working out then it should be done to the very end (McNab, 2015). While undertaking the training, it is crucial that the nutritional balance of these individuals …

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