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Wall of Silence-Reflective Journal

A level of awareness of the prevalence of medical errors is big enough. It must be admitted, that nurses should be aware of their medical errors that may be occurred at the medical school. A lot of them have an emotional response, regarding to the commission of errors in a care of the patient. Residents and students note the conflict and variations in the recommendations and actions of the individual.

Diana, former Air Force Intelligence Officer, was suffering from a hip trauma (Gibson, 2016). The doctor diagnosed that she had a severe osteoarthritis. A total hip replacement was recommended for her to correct
that damage. The woman was thirty-nine years and she debated if she needed a procedure. The surgeons of her were transferring their practice to the other hospitals. Diana’s surge became a staff chief of the unmotivated and skeletal crew. An error that occurred, in that case, was connected with a fact, that Diana called for a help of a nurse, pushing the button, but there was no person who would arrive that day. The next day she could not
reach even a breakfast and a dinner. The button of the station of a nurse was connected and she could not call anybody to help her (Towse, 2015). Being outraged, the friends of Diana demanded that she was transferred to
the other hospital where there were relocated partners of a surgeon. It was a lot of time-consuming operation and Diana’s hip and leg was harmed for a long time. The initiative that exists now and that may help to prevent such cases in future are about a new technique and new staff of people which are working in the hospitals nowadays. Also, errors that occur are because of nurses, who have a small professional level.

Discussing a role of the nurses in developing a culture of safety that is interdependent upon a professional code of ethics, it should be admitted, that they do errors in patient’s treatment a lot of time. Nurses fail to report their errors because of a fear to be punished nor only by doctors and administrative personnel, but for natives of a patient as well. That is why, committing it, they prefer not to tell somebody about it. Nursing shortage affects a safety from the potential errors in a way when there is only one nurse for 10 patients and she cannot do her work
physically. That is why, there is a need to hire more personnel that would be a profession and disciplined one. There are no a lot of cases of medication errors in my experience, though my friend had some. Renata was
watching a neglection of a nurse of a right drug use for the patient and he was suffering because of …

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