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Web Designer's Work: A Possible Life

The carrier of web designer can be one of my possible lives because it provides numerous opportunities and substantial benefits, such as interesting tasks and competitive salary, being comfortable for literally any kind of lifestyle.

First of all, this job is extremely attractive in terms of salary and working conditions. Usually, web design requires creativity: every task is unique and promotes creative approach. In this perspective, the job of web designer has much in common with art because web designers have to create something new, which requires skill and mastery. That is why the salary is so impressive: average web designers get more than 150 thousand dollars a year. Moreover, they don’t have to change their lifestyle in order to perform their job efficiently. Generally, they are even able to work as freelancers at home, which allows them to spend more time with their families. Therefore, the job of web designer offers a large amounts of benefits, such as high salary, comfort and creative thinking.

The job of web designer also brings some disadvantages. One of the biggest concerns is the competitiveness of this business. In this perspective, wed design is very hard discipline for the students, especially if they want to become good specialists. Moreover, the web designing tasks strongly depend on the will of the client, and many of the web designers are unable to meet the high demands of the client. As a result, this job is also rather stressful comparing to other occupations. Therefore, web designers have to be prepared to face certain difficulties during their work, such as high competitiveness and stress.

As a conclusion, the job of web designer includes more benefits than disadvantages. In this perspective, the possible life of a web designer seems to be …

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