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Women's Roles In Producing Media


Women are involved in media production in various ways. Women working as cinematographers are tasked with shooting and telling stories through film. However, not many women take this career path. It is extremely male-dominated. Women in cinematography shoot for documentaries, commercials, television and features. Lilly and Lana Wachowski are an example of women in cinematography. Both are transgender women formerly the Wachowski brothers. This paper explores the role of women producing media especially transgender women.

Women in cinematography are tasked with the role of ensuring creativity of the story line the picture motions. It takes more than just pointing the camera and shooting. Other activities like blocking and moving the camera are involved in ensuring that the image produced reflects more than just the action. The women have to carefully choose the environment which they film their productions. It involves lighting and proper positioning of both the actors and the camera. This helps to incorporate feeling into the films and improve the quality. It is the job of the cinematographer to put the director’s ideas into a successful visual output.

Women in this field also make the actors feel comfortable in front of the camera. They rely on diplomacy, problem solving skills and their communication skills. This helps them to make sure that everyone on set is at ease and relaxed. When they do this, the actors and directors are able to work on the film seamlessly. The cinematographer creates a peaceful environment for all involved in the film-making process.

Women in cinematography are also tasked with mentoring other women aspiring to join the production industry. Seeing that this is a male dominated field, the women involved mentor their fellow women in film school and those that have just started out. They give tips and words of encouragement to help the others realize that they too can make it.


The role of women in production is not entirely different from that of their male counterparts. However, they have to juggle more responsibilities to measure up to the standards of this male dominated field. This is even more evident for transgender women like Lilly and Lana.


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