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Here's what others say

  • I was so super-confused when they explained monetary policy in my MacroEcon class. Like, all those moving curves and graphs, I couldn’t wrap my head arund it. Mark, a grad student tutor here, nailed it down for me in a well-written lecture that he sent. Thanks for help, I got a B+ in class!

    Brandi M.

    Brandi M.

    1st year student
    UC Davis

  • I enjoy working with students: helping them understand and properly analyze works of prominent sociologists and then link their works to real life makes me feel so happy! I mostly write lectures and help students express themselves in various sociology projects.

    Travis K.

    Travis K.

    Sociology tutor
    Graduated from Brown

  • I was working on a Business project with my classmates, and they were ahead of me. I could not even plan my part because it was so difficult. My tutor Gemma helped me figure out how to approach the project, and what data I neede for my analysis of results. In the end, I ws as good as the best kid in my group!

    Alicia J.

    Alicia J.

    3rd year student
    University of Massachusetts

  • American History is the love of my life! I help students read history critically, evaluate their research studies, help them express and polish their ideas. They all have great ideas. My goal is to help them make their ideas sharper and analyze complex issues better.

    Melinda K.

    Melinda K.

    History tutor
    Graduated from UPenn


  • How much does it cost to use HomeworkLab platform?

    The platform and its functionality (including scheduling and planning your work) is completely free. However, you have to pay when you want to connect a Tutor to your work.

  • Do I pay to tutors directly?

    Absolutely not! For your safety, we take a deposit from you via PayPal - the safest payment system in the world - and hold your money until you are comfortable with paying a Tutor.

  • How is the price for tutoring formed?

    It depends on the complexity of your work (it's easier to explain multiplication than derivatives :)), the time you have available to prepare, and your area of study.

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