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The Aircraft Certification

The brief analysis at hand intent is that of creating a real life example of scenario common in aerospace. The reference point for the analysis applies the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) concept as an example. The ADF has the best approach to anticipating the security measures applicable when it comes to aerospace management. In the ADF, there is a very clear distinction between essential components responsible for aircraft safety. Using the ADF concept of overseeing technical and operational airworthiness as two separate modules, they can offer a conspicuously holistic view of aircraft safety by defining all issues pertaining aircraft safety.The ADF Airworthiness Manual (Volume 048) refers to the Statement of Operating Intent (SOI) as all the distinct roles that each single aircraft serves.

The SOI is unique to each aircraft and the intent of having all the requirements, and rules laid out became necessary in 1998, after long opposition from the aircraft operators (Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia, 1992). In line with the case at hand, the aircraft selected for purposes of this analysis is an Airbus A380. The aircraft falls in the FAR 25 design standard category. The sample change for the A380 plane would be that assuming a situation whereby there is a conflicting knowledge on the gradient that the plane takes. In the European standards, this is a specific entirely omitted and in its place, there is mention of generalizations urging the pilots to control gradient basing on training.The certification standard requirement 25.121 (b) (1) for all FAR 25 category planes deals with the sensitive issues regarding the takeoff and retraction the landing gear. The clause states that the takeoff configuration for a climb of A380 (four-engine airplane) has to be 3.0 percent.The change in a plane’s SOI does not contradict the laid guidelines in the clause.

The distinction made bases itself on the number of engines and not the dynamic environment that a pilot may find themselves as required by the European Standards (Zemel, 2013). The compliance with the requirement at hand purely bases on the engine type thereby making very clear. An A380 has four engines and hence a pilot guided by ADF standards keeps the gradient at 3.0 percent, regardless of the change in the SOI.


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