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Boosting Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a universal body process, which includes transforming calories into energy for various body needs such as moving, breathing etc.

There are numerous ways to boost your metabolism, including exercising, drinking energy drinks, lots of water, green tea etc. However, the first thing that comes to person’s mind when talking about boosting energy is coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and increases thermogenesis. Few studies show that coffee can boost metabolic rate up to 3-11%. Caffeine helps to mobilise fatty acids from fat tissue and increase training performance for up to 12%.

Other commonly-used metabolism boosters are energy drinks. They are known for giving energy, increasing focus, speeding thinking, etc. Again, the main ingredient of any energy drink is well-known caffeine. In addition, such drinks contain different vitamin, minerals, amino acids and supplements. Unfortunately, we do not know yet the full variety of effects of those supplements. Studies suggest that energy drinks can not only be ineffective in losing weight but lead to weight gain.

The best way to boost your metabolism and loose calories in, no doubt, training – it’s natural, great for health and fun. You can use coffee when you need to focus or perform better at studying and work, but an excess amount of caffeine puts extra pressure on the heart and can me harmful for your health. Individuals should avoid energy drinks as their full potential is not yet discovered and they contain numerous supplements, which are harmful to health and might lead to weight gain. _article. Accessed 6 Mar. 2017. Accessed 5 Mar. 2017. Accessed 6 Mar. 2017. Accessed 5 Mar. …

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