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Business and Management Q&A


"Organizational Culture" Please respond to the following:

Determine what you believe to be the most influential external environment factor shaping organizational culture for managers and business leaders in the 21st century. Provide support for your rationale

External factors are factors existing outside the company’s internal environment that still exert significant impacts on the organization’s operations. Most important, however, is the fact that these factors are usually beyond the sphere of control by the company. Examples of external environmental factors include technology, customers, competitors, economical factors, politics and social factors (Daft, 2012). I believe that the most important factor among these is technology. Technology describes innovative ideas, tools, resources and facilities that reshape the way an organization operates and functions. For example, two decades ago, desktop computers were not even a feature of many organizations. Currently the Internet, mobile phones, teleconferencing facilities, and portable computers are essential requirements for business operations (Daft, 2012). These elements link the organization’s internal and external environment that make it easily adapt to changes in the environment. Technology drives innovation and as such promotes growth of the business.

Suggest the most significant impact that globalization has had on organization culture in today’s work environment. Indicate whether the impact has been positive or negative from a management perspective. Provide support for your rationale

Globalization has had a major impact on the operations of most businesses. As such most businesses are increasingly taking advantages of globalization. Although it is true that globalization helps organizations sell their products in an international platform, it has its negative impacts. The most significant impact that it has had is in the manner that it has promoted diversity in the work place. Diversity facilitates sharing of multi-contextual information that helps to build the business to a higher global position (Daft, 2012). For example, for companies such as Google that exits in an oversaturated domestic environment, it has offered potential growth opportunities (Daft, 2012). From a management perspective, diversity can pose problems with communication and relationship issues which are bound to present cultural conflicts.


"Ethics and Entrepreneurship" Please respond to the following

Assume that you are a manager within a corporate environment, and you are presented with an ethical dilemma. Suggest viable approaches to resolving the dilemma. Rate your comfort level with dealing with ethical issues. Provide one (1) example that supports your approach

An example of a viable approach that can be used to deal with ethical issues in the corporate scene is the utilitarian approach. According to this approach, one’s actions are guided by the assertion that moral behavior should result in the greatest degree of good being experienced by the greatest number of individuals (Daft, 2012). In this respect, the manager should consider different alternatives and choose one that lives up to this ideal. The individualism approach on the other hand asserts that acts are moral only if they promote the best interests of the person in the long run. Here it is assumed that individualism will promote integrity and …

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