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Concepts of Sociology

It was around 1.30pm when we were heading for lunch. In the hallway, I decided to behave rhetorically to attract other students’ attention. I pulled out my belt and started talking to myself loudly. At first, I never got the attention I needed. I started running around in the hallway pounding my chest and uttering harsh words, “no one can defeat me!” “I am very powerful,” I “I said no man can defeat me!” this went on for about an hour and I got the attention I needed. Actually what I expected happened. The environment around me was not the same again. The earlier mood was defined by how people were craving for lunch but my destruction drove them in another mood. My behavior was to burst each individual and find out who will stand with me and who will run away from me.

The situation was both amazing and confusing, as many students did not expect that from me. In response to my behavior, the attitude changed. Most of them started to wonder how and upright person could turn in to a madman over a second. Some of them did not believe what they saw while others were scared. Since my behavior was alarming, each student and teacher gathered around me to convince me to come down. Despite the fact that I was pretending, I gained courage to continue so to scare more out of them.

Some of my friends ran away from uttering and shouting, “madman” “this guy is crazy.” Indeed, I was crazy at that moment because no individual could bring me down. Despite being urged by lecturers and other students to come down, I continued and attracted the presence of the dean. The crowd then went silent. At this point, I was scared and started imagining what would happen next. This action is related to social exchange theory in sociology. Social exchange theory states, “The society is composed of ever-present interactions among individuals who attempt to maximize rewards while minimizing costs.” In this sense, the crowd was aiming at solving the issue without attracting the dean (Martell 202). The crowd had the perception that the dean will rule out the issue in a harsh manner. This drove them to urge me to come down in which I did not pay maximum attention. Because of this, the dean got aware and felt attracted to the case. The whole issue rose to another undefined level.

When one could critically analyze this story, he or she may come up with different ideas and concepts. However, this story is connected to the five major concepts of sociology. The story highlights Social Structure. Social structure identifies the social relationships that encompass social positions and the numerical numbers of individuals (McNeill and Townley 81). In connection to the story, the whole school was involved to the situation I created despite the fact the each individual …

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