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Group Productivity Research


This paper presents the results of a research conducted about group productivity and the importance of group dynamics at the Sidney Memorial Hospital. The main aim of the research was to identify the problems being experienced by the organization and to make recommendations on strategies to improve their group productivity. It also involved an analysis of how each problem could impact a group’s productivity, with the focus being on the Sidney Memorial Hospital. The problems that were identified are role conflicts within groups, communication problems among group members, the absence of cohesion in groups with diverse members and excessive intergroup conflicts. Recommendations made to resolve each of the problems include the selection of qualified team leaders, promoting accountability and educating members of the hospital on group productivity. Suggestions have also been made for a company-wide training program on best practices for group productivity. This is with a major concentration on the elements and importance of group dynamics.


Group productivity has become a major concern in the Sidney Memorial Hospital. Several areas and departments in the hospital have been adversely affected, and as such, there is need for a new strategy that will bring change to their health care system. The new strategy should most importantly involve the refining of teamwork among all workers involved in the hospital. Although there have been systems that have been put in place before, most of them need to be revised. This would include how the doctors, nurses and the supporting staff work relate and work within their own departments as well as with each other. Conflict among team members has also been a major issue because of the lack of cohesiveness. Decision making has been compromised in this health care facility. This is mainly because people in the managerial positions have failed to foster effective communication among them and the other staff members. Cases such as those of favoritism and personal feuds are just some of the results of poor decision-making processes. The main mission of the Sidney Memorial Hospital is to optimize their resources to continually offer services of the best standards. This has however not been fully accomplished over the years because of the excessive intergroup conflicts among the workers. Generally, the hospital is currently facing a number of challenges. These are role conflicts within group members, communication problems among group members at different levels, the absence of cohesion in groups with diverse members and unnecessary intergroup conflicts. Group productivity involves team members working closely towards the same goals and helping their group members do the same. From the challenges being faced by the institution, group productivity needs to be incorporated in their daily activities so that they can be overcome. Emphasis on the importance of teamwork will bring immense change to the overall operation and performance of Sidney Memorial Hospital.

Problems Faced By The Hospital

Role Conflicts Within Groups

Group norms and group roles are necessary for any organization. Group norms are the …

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