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Marriott Hotel Report

Table of Contents
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4


Marriott Hotel, Birmingham belongs to the Marriot International Group, which is an international hotel management company headquartered in the United States. There are 6,080 hotels with a total capacity of 1,190,604 rooms under Marriott International trademarks. However, only 22 hotels with 9,900 rooms are owned by the company, the rest operate under franchise (, 2017). The hotel, chosen for the investigation, is located at 12 Hagley Rd, Five Ways, Birmingham B16 8SJ. It is located in the heart of Birmingham city and has earned the best rates of hotel advisors. Marriot hotel offers 100 spacious rooms and 4 suites, 6 meeting rooms with 2,443 sq ft of total meeting space, a fitness centre, and an indoor pool (Marriott, 2017). All guest rooms are equipped coffee makers, mini fridges, individual climate control, Internet TV, and luxurious bedding.

Marriott Hotel is a market leader with respect to its online reservation usage in the industry, with 75% of all Marriott room reservations booked online on Marriott's website. The hotel industry is quite fragmented but, nevertheless, Marriott has chosen its target market and maintains a leadership position in this share (Marriott, 2017). The company has chosen to focus on the upper-income consumer segment and has developed several strategies to target business travellers and leisure travellers as they are the main customer segments. Of the total rooms, 4% falls under the luxury segment, 40% are in the upper-upscale segment, and 56% are in the upscale segment. The facilities and rooms are consistent with the company’s target market and present one of the strong sides of Marriott Hotel.

Task 1

For the purpose of this task, it was chosen to start monitoring rates for a room with a double bed since February 22, 2017. March 14, 2017 is the last day included in the analysis. The following chart (see Figure 1) summarized the results of the investigation. Certain dates were unavailable for the reservation due to the absence of rooms. The graph shows zeros for these dates; all the prices are in US dollars according to the information on the company’s website.

Figure 1. Marriott Hotel room rates

The analysis revealed that Marriott Hotel offers the lower rates when a guest reserves a room in advance. For such purpose, hotel provides a special price, which is lower than the usual rate. If a guest places a reservation closely to the check-in date, hotel offers the highest rates. Marriott Hotel uses a dynamic pricing strategy, which is consistent with the scholarly theories of hotel pricing and revenue management.

From the theoretical standpoint, Kimes (2010) claims that dynamic pricing is a necessity in today’s environment. The customers can easily access rates across a wide variety of channels than ever before. The researcher points out that traditional yield management was achieved through length …

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