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Professional Nursing Practice: Roles and Values

My nursing practice, which is influenced by Orem’s Self Care Deficit Theory, is focused on forming individual’s self-care duties in order to maintain healthy lifestyle and well-being. The theory is based on necessity to develop personal responsibility for self-care and promote healthy behavior (Bhanji, 2012). The initial target is to provide patients with autonomy, increase their self-confidence, improving quality of life.

Florence Nightingale is a founder of nursing environmental model, which supports treatment process. My practice follows Nightingale’s recommendation to provide clean and safe treatment environment. Another prominent person, who influences my practice, is Hildegard E. Peplau. Positive nursing-patient interaction, based on orientation, working, and termination erases barriers, establishes rapport, and supports delivering effective health care service.

State Board of Nursing regulates nursing practices, ensures the standards of nursing practice and nurse’s professional competence. American Nursing Association provides support for nursing profession, fosters high standards of care, prompt economic and general well-being of nurses in the workplace. Both agencies enforce nursing rules and acts, promote professional development. Maintaining nursing licensure approves professional qualification and competence and is essential for legal practice Russell, 2012). Compact state license allows to practice in any state, which is the member of the Compact; to practice in non-compact state renewed license is required.

Regulatory agencies approve providing effective health care service and advocate patients’ right for safe and qualified care. Alternative medicine became a part of health care system and its effectiveness and coordination is monitored by regulatory agencies, such as FDA and CMS. They are responsible for approval of alternative therapies and medication.

In California functions of RN include basic care, ensuring comfort, and personal hygiene, and protection, prevention, prescribed treatment implementation. (California Board of Registered Nursing, 2013). They observe patients’ general physical condition and behavior. In New York RN are allowed to administer tests and medications. The initial target of Nurse Practice Act in all states is to ensure implementation of standards in order to perform safe and effective care.

Each nurse has a right to make positive contribution to the profession through advocating. It is significant to develop advocacy skills, such as education to be prepared for professional strengthening; managing to obtain appropriate resource; detective to promote effective work environment.

My nursing practice strictly follows Nursing Code of Ethics. It is based on respect to dignity and uniqueness of each patient. There is no consideration of personal attributes, economic or social status, and nature of health issue. Besides, I participate in maintaining and development of care conditions, ensuring safe environment, and performing qualified service.

I develop a number of leadership qualities, such as self-confidence, which supports to perform qualified care. Desire for professional growth, which drives me forward in order to develop and improve professional skills. Positive communication is an essential skill for any professional contacting people. High appreciation of others in order to value peers, authority, and patients.

Ethical Principle Application

I suggest I would help Mr. Newcomb to fulfill his wish. …

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