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Rainforest Destruction

Rainforests are crucial to the survival of life on earth, including that of all animals and human beings. However, destruction of rainforests is happening in an alarmingly fast pace and has resulted in many consequences such as global warming and the degradation of the ecosystem. The main reason for reason for the overexploitation of this invaluable resource is the economic drive, which constitutes the material benefits brought by wood products.

While the developed world is now aware of the bad impacts of rainforest lost and taking many actions to slow down this negative process all over the world, it seems impossible to stop developing countries, which are endowed with massive tropical rainforests, from irrationally using the resource. These countries usually put their economy higher than sustainable development and there is a real cause for this due to the population pressure. Despite plenty of international efforts initiated by the developed nations, China, Indonesia and Brazil are still reluctant to take a step closer to the commitment to protect their forests. To persuade them to do so, it is necessary to point out the destructive influence of forest clearing on the global climate, the most obvious evidence of which is the climate change and extreme weathers affecting all countries without exception. If economic development is the obstacle blocking rainforest preservation and the developing countries blame the developed ones for once overusing the resources in the past to prosper, the developer can refer to the economic advantages of maintaining forests such as a provision of inhabitation and means of living for local residents and environmental balance leading to human healthiness and less costs on healthcare services.

Reducing forest exploitation, developed countries can receive aids and incentives from the developed ones and actually, a lot of such programs are now already in process (Obersteiner, 2006). On the whole, the nations need to take sustainable development for future generations into consideration rather than looking back at the past blaming each other on destruction of the environment.


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