The "Bodily Turn" in the Middle East vs the West example

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The "Bodily Turn" in the Middle East vs the West

It is not only the Earth, the country we can describe the place where a human lives in: we were all born into the culture, created before us, created without our will, we were given the culture, we are bound to live in its coordinates. There is a number of cultures and civilizations to be born into, and due to its intense development, the invention of media and intellectual technologies, the Western culture is the dominant one and the one, which is spreading into the other cultures. One of the unalienable attributes of the Western culture, since the 1970s has become the new attitude to the body, formed alongside with, as well as in result of the The Sexual Revolution lasted in 1960-1980s.

Having been closing parts of the body as something sacred before, clothes became designed in a way to reveal the parts of bodies, it became normal to wear revealing clothes, as well as to look sexy became an advantage, something people in the Western culture perceive as a compliment. Naked bodies started to appear often in the media, visual consumption of naked bodies became an element of the media industry, the body became an instrument of power. What was once sacred, strictly guarded by the church, within several centuries mutated into something that is normal to reveal, and even weird to hide. On the other hand, among other cultures, many of which have integrated the Western culture standards in their traditions, there is resistance to the bodily turn as to the culture change that contradicts their views on social customs. Old patriarchal traditions can’t stand revealing female clothes. One of those cultures is the Islamic one, where the relationships between men and women were strictly defined in social norms, to save human spirits from filthy animal intentions, on the one hand, but on the other hand, though the customs related to both sexes, for many centuries they have been, first of all, repressive for women.

Still, Islamic culture has to react on the progressive changes brought to the world by the Western culture, and in their own manner, they integrate those changes in their culture, too. Coming back to the bodily turn that happened in the Western culture, reflecting the changes happening in the society, the changes in science focus began, so that bodily turn concerned the humanities studies, too. The body became an object of the study, revealing the body physically was followed by discovering its multiple senses and dimensions. Human body is unalienable from the society it belongs to, its norms, customs and standards of beauty (How to Study Body Culture – Observing Human Practice). Body as an object of the study is interesting not only in historical and aesthetical contexts, through the body codes in its static and dynamic aspects, the culture it is a product of can be more deeply understood, and, logically, through observing the integration of …

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