The Demons Within Psychology Assignment example

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The Demons Within Psychology Assignment

There are no perfect people in the world. Each individual has both positive and negative traits. Even highly moral human beings can behave in a rude, impolite, or even cruel way. Sometimes it is really difficult for a person to judge how a partner or a friend will behave in this or that situation, even if they know each other for ages. The problem is that every person has inner demons that affect his or her actions. Demons, as well as goods, make an integral part of a human personality. Demons and goods are aligned with each other and contribute to the development of a unique personality. They allow people to differ from each other. If all people were perfect, they would be alike and it would be not interested to meet new people. Demons within human beings may include negative thinking, stereotypes and prejudices, fears, memories of the past, and secrets.

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a thought process that is characterized by the concentration on the bad issues (Smart, 2015). Negative thinking means that people see the worst in everything that surrounds them. People with negative thinking are intended to foresee the worst scenarios and notice only negative traits in their neighbors. Negativity presents in almost all their thoughts. Negative thinking pattern includes thinking judgmentally, self-criticism, worries, perfectionism, complaining, negative questions (Smart, 2015). According to Smart (2015), thoughts have a real power on the world, since each thought creates energy that is equivalent to the level of the strength of people’s beliefs. As a result, negative thoughts that people have create a negative energy that may affect a life of a person (Smart, 2015). In fact, negative thinking prevents people from living by full life. It results in constant worries, frustration, jealousy, anger, sadness, and dissatisfaction with life. Even if a person is prosperous, healthy, respectful, and loved by the family and friends, he or she can find reasons for dissatisfaction. Consequently, negative thinking spoils people’s lives and health. Such diseases as chronic stress, depression, and anxiety are greatly caused by negative thinking pattern (Smart, 2015). As a result, negative thinking is a serious demon that sits within human beings and prevents them from living full lives.

Stereotypes and prejudices

Stereotypes and prejudices live inside people and have a great impact on their life. Stereotypes are formed under the influence of culture, family traditions, people’s past experience. Stereotypes can be positive and negative (Plos, 2003). While positive stereotypes help overcome barriers in interaction with other people, negative ones prevent individuals from open communication and making relationship (Plos, 2003). Negative stereotypes do not allow people to extend their judgements and look at the situation or a person from the other side. As a result, they narrow our thoughts and do not give an opportunity to go beyond the frames of stereotypes. It is possible to give a great number of stereotypes that affect our life. For example, by observing parents’ relationship and their quarrels …

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