Medical Sociology: Sick Role Model example

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Medical Sociology: Sick Role Model

Sick Role Model

What are the four aspects of the sick role model (Parsons 1951)?

Amzat & Razum (2014) cite Parsons describing illness as one of the most important withdrawal behaviors in the human society (p.88). Parson believed that the sick role acquired by an ailing individual provided him with a set of responsibilities and privileges (Emke, as cited in Amzat & Razum, p.88). While the first two aspects pertain to the rights of the patients, the rest two cover their duties. The first right allows the patient with exemption from normal social role responsibilities relative to the nature and severity of the illness. The second right states that the patient is exempt from responsibility of getting well, solely by his or her own actions. With regard to the duties, the sick should accept the state of being ill and is obliged to have a desire to get well. The last responsibility constitutes sick individual’s accountability in seeking technically competent help, and to cooperate with the healthcare provider in the process of trying to get well.

According to Parsons, medicine is an institution for the social control of deviant behavior. Do you agree or disagree with this view? Why or why not?

Cockerham (2015) examines Parson’s view of medicine as a deviance tool and illustrates that the task of medicine involves controlling abnormal behavior by medical interventions on behalf of the society. Policies and regulations are fundamental to the existence and sustainment of the modern day societies. Taking this view point in consideration, I agree with Parson’s concept. Turner observes that regulation of the human body is imperative to societal interests in order to protect public health, the economic process, and the social order (as cited in Cockerham, n.p.). For instance, certain individuals resort to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. The state may intervene and try to put a control on such habits by banning smoking in public, and by limiting both hours and avenues of alcohol sale.

What is the patient-physician relationship according to Cockerham?

The patient-physician relationship as described in Parson’s sick role model is one of the areas of criticism by Cockerham. Cockerham (2015) observes that the association between the two parties could not be considered as traditional one-to-one interaction. It is chiefly based on the fact that nowadays the physicians provide their services not only in their office but in the community, and at other settings such as at educational and educational locations. The concept of singularity as described by Parson does not hold significance in Cockerham’s model of the alliance. The physician’s side may be represented by a team of physicians and other healthcare professionals. On the other hand, the patient’s faction may represent a community or a family unit.

Which two sociological examples of the sick role, as evidenced by existing research, do you think are most appropriate? Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

Prevention of disease entails a …

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