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The Marketing Analysis and the Marketing Plan

Marketing analysis

PESTLE analysis


The political situation in Canada is rather stable. According to the World Bank (2014) it reached 1.18 of 2.5 points. It strengthens in comparison with 2005 (0.79). It shows that business has favorable environment for the development. On the other state, an unstable political situation in the world may affect new business.


The Canadian economy had reduced 0.4% for three months by June, 2016 though it rose 0.6% for the previous quarter (Trading Economics, 2016). By comparison the average GDP growth rate of Canada for the period from 1963 to 2016 was 0.79% (Trading Economics, 2016). The lowest one was in 2009 (-2.30%) (Trading Economics, 2016). The economic analysis of the country shows that it has a stable development. What is more, the country has recovered successfully from the crisis of 2008. However, Canadian economy has not developed so intensively in comparison with other countries (such as India (7.6%) and China (7-10%)) (The World Bank Group, 2016). It is projected that China and India may affect the development of the west countries international trade and business in the nearest future. It may affect the customers’ paying capacity.


According to the statistics, in Vancouver a population density is 802.5 people per one square kilometer (Statistics Canada, 2011).Vancouver is heavily populated region in comparison with other areas of Canada (Statistics Canada, 2011). Its population was 2,313,328 in 2011 (Statistics Canada, 2011). The changing in private dwelling was 9.1% in Vancouver in comparison with 7.1% in total Canada (Statistics Canada, 2011). The median total income of citizens is $ 76,040 in Vancouver in comparison with $78,870 in total Canada (Statistics Canada, 2014). It increased 12% from 2010. Consequently, the paying capacity of citizens of Vancouver is lower than in other areas of Canada such as Calgary and Edmonton that have $104,530 and $101,470 median total income respectively (Statistics Canada, 2014). he 60 to 64 year old group experienced the fastest increase, at 29.1% (Figure 2). This suggests that population aging will accelerate in Canada in the coming years, as the large baby boom generation, those born between 1946 and 1965, reaches 65 years old (Statistics Canada,2011). The first baby boomers reached 65 years old in 2011 (Statistics Canada, 2011). The population of Canada is getting older (29.1%), so it should be taken into account by the developing of the marketing strategy (Statistics Canada, 2011). On the other side, the number of children of four year old and younger had increased 11% from 2006 to 2011(Statistics Canada, 2011). Today they are 9-10 years old. Consequently, the project should take into account the preferences of teenagers.


The rapid development of technologies allows to improve the agricultural production that will be benefit the development of the new business, as the new business suppliers would have more opportunities to increase the quality of the products. On the other side, the new …

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