10 Easy Apps That Help With Homework

Apps That Help With Homework

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What’s the topic for this week?

The topic for this week is help with homework, but with the assistance of online applications. Apps are meant to be used as a “tutor”, not as cheating devices. Use the power and glory of technology appropriately, my fellow readers.

Our agenda for this week will consist of the following:

  1. My personal story
  2. Why use apps to help you with homework
  3. 10 apps for homework help
  4. Help with homework websites

When I was in grade school, I did not have my own phone or a computer.Math was my weakest subject admittedly. There’s YouTube, but the internet back then tests your patience.

When I reached high school, YouTube was there to assist me in understanding certain subjects. Frankly, it made solving math problems easier.

When I reached college, I began to utilize the power of mobile applications. My professors used YouTube videos to supplement our lectures, and to aid us in doing our homework.

I researched on various apps. I was surprised to see a free math help app that can solve problems for you. I struck gold! If only I had discovered it earlier, then I’m sure I would be able to answer my math homework without tutoring.

Why Use Apps That Help With Homework?

Why Use Apps That Help With Homework?

Apps can make you understand the topic better. Hence, apps may also be considered as a virtual “tutor”. Why? There might be instances when a student does not understand the teacher’s lectures. Take it from me, I did not understand my teacher because of the way he/she teaches. My teacher did not provide more supplementary materials other than homework.

See? This is why I recommend apps to aid you in doing your homework. It may even complement your learning style! Try and see for yourself.

10 Apps That Help With Homework

The following apps may help your homework directly and indirectly. These apps may help you solve math problems, set a schedule or a deadline, or supplement your teacher’s lectures.

Google Education Apps

1. Google Education Apps

Yes, you got that right. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive, and etc. are essential in your homework. These are useful for group assignments. The changes you and your classmates made are saved in real time!

Depending on the settings, your classmates and teachers can view, comment, and edit the document.

Google Drive is an app to store or share your files. Let’s say your classmate missed a class. You watched a video in class. You asked for a copy from your teacher. You can upload that video in the Drive and let your classmate watch it at home.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

2. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary


This dictionary is also my best friend. I can familiarize myself with the definition of a word in a few taps. I don’t need to use a hard copy of my dictionary! It also helps me understand the text I’m reading. Without a dictionary, I will not be able to understand complicated readings.

This is useful when your homework requires you to read books or articles. Chances are, you will find unfamiliar words in the texts you are reading. That’s where the dictionary app takes center stage.

YouTube or Khan Academy

If you look at the right places, YouTube is a wonderful place to learn something new thanks to the tutorials/lectures uploaded by its users. Depending on your learning style, it can also help you understand the topics better.

When I’m writing essays, I usually visit Crash Course to refresh my mind. I tend to understand the topic when I watch videos. After watching them, I can answer the Q and A essay type of homework my teacher gives.

Do take note that Khan Academy has its desktop counterpart. Khan Academy caters to various subjects such as Algebra and Physics. For example, it has tutorial videos on how to solve a sample problem. Like YouTube, it’s a supplementary material to help you answer your homework.



I recommend Memrise for those who are taking a foreign language. I took a short-term Japanese class last year. The instructor required us (the class) to familiarize ourselves with Hiragana and Katakana . That was our homework for that week.

I used Memrise to help me recall how the characters look like. It was effective, as the characters were glued to my memory. I was also able to learn some vocabulary words from the app!

You can learn a lot of languages in Memrise other than Japanese. Select a course, and voila! Memrise is a fun way to learn a new language!



I had Mandarin classes when I was a junior in college. Pleco contains a gold mine of Chinese words.

Fortunately, the words are also used in a sentence so that users can understand how the word is used. You can listen how the word is pronounced using its audio function.

This is an excellent tool when a teacher asks you to write a short dialogue or a self-introduction.



It is a free math homework help app. Photomath allows you to use your mobile phone to take a picture of an equation. Once it scans the equation, it would show a step-by-step solution leading to the answer. It’s amazing, right? Of course it is.

According to Amy Iverson’s article, Photomath can be a tutor app for independent students. She thinks that Photomath may help students solve problems at their own pace. The app is helpful for a student whose learning style does not match well with the instructor’s teaching style.

Make sure to treat it as a learning device or a tutor. It’s useful for answering math problems. However, I encourage you to make the effort to learn.



Socratic is similar to Photomath’s functions, except that it caters to more subjects. Look at its website… you’ll see what I mean. Just hover your phone on the question, and let Socratic‘s artificial intelligence answer it for you.

As mentioned in Cheyenne Macdonald’s article, the app will provide “explainers” and videos to assist you step-by-step. Cool!

It’s like having a virtual tutor. Remember! Use it as a supplement!



myHomework acts as a digital planner. It syncs your data across devices so that you can access it anytime.

myHomework app allows you to take note of every assignment you have. According to Jeana Tahnk’s article, it also notifies you of your upcoming projects or tests. The app also acts as a digital class schedule.

If you like a digital planner, then try this app.

CalcMadeEasy or RealCalc


Calculators are a necessity. There are subjects that require the use of calculators such as Physics.

CalcMadeEasy (iOS) is an app that caters to scientific or mathematical calculations. CalcMadeEasy allows financial planning or decision making and unit conversions easier.

On the other hand, RealCalc (Android) is a digital version of a scientific calculator. It mimics the template of a scientific calculator. With a calculator app, you don’t have to worry about bringing a physical calculator.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote made me remember tasks I needed to do. Be it an extra credit homework, an errand, or printing my assignment.

I will see the reminders right away whenever I use my phone because I can pin it to my status bar. I recommend you to try this app.

Homework Help Websites for Students

Homework Help Websites for Students

The following websites may help you understand a literary work, cite sources, or get ideas for essays. These sites act as homework help for college and high school levels.

  1. Squashed Philosophers
  2. SparkNotes
  3. Citefast
  4. News websites such as BBC
  5. Grammarly
  6. National Geographic
  7. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  8. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  9. Wolfram Alpha
  10. Ted Talk

We’re finally done with help with my homework apps and websites! While there are free help with homework apps, some of their features need to be paid to allow you to maximize it.

“Help me with my homework” apps are a wonderful innovation. However, we must not abuse its services. We have to study our lessons or consult with our teachers.

Do you use homework help apps or websites? If so, what do you use?

I’ll leave that question for you to answer. Today’s session is now adjourned! See you next time, readers!

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